Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hair Dos....or Don'ts?

It's been a long time since I've had my hair cut. A really long time. Probably around a year or maybe a little longer. Part of the reason is, I haven't found anyone in this area to cut my hair. I've tried a couple of different places, but either they were too expensive or they didn't do a really great job. But necessity made me desperate. My hair was getting way too long. I decided to be brave and get a recommendation from a friend. After all, if they go there it can't be that bad... right? hahaha. You might think that. Well, my friend (who shall remain nameless, as well as the hair stylist, to protect the innocent or maybe the not so innocent) told me about a little place right down the street from my work. She said I didn't need to make an appointment, I could just walk in. Maybe that should have been a warning flag, but I thought, "Hmm, convenient." Then I asked who I should ask for. She said not to worry, that everyone there does a good job and she's never had a problem. That should have been warning flag number two: No names of an actual person who does a good job. But for some reason I ignored the little voices in my head saying this wasn't the best idea. (Maybe that should have been the third warning flag: there are little voices in my head?...haha). For some reason I decide it would be a great idea to go during my lunch break from work. First impression is the place looks ghetto. Their way of advertisement is a sign on the back of an SUV on the side of the road. Everything looks a little rundown, and I'm not seeing any sinks (you know the ones they usually wash your hair in). No hair wash? (well apparently they do them, but only if you tell them you want one first...and they are extra money. Didn't know that till afterwards). I'm already feeling a little nervous, but against my better judgment I put my name on the list. The lady who came and sat me down seemed nice enough, but unfortunately couldn't speak much English. I tried to tell her what I wanted, and after what seemed like forever it seemed she understood. Four inches off the bottom and a LITTLE bit of bangs in the front. I like a little fringe. The stylist sprayed my hair with water to dampen it, then proceeded to brush through it. Bad idea with curly hair, cause then it will frizz when it drys. Because my hair is really curly and just kind of does what it wants, I don't make much of an effort to part it. It works. Well, unfortunately, the lady cutting my hair didn't bother to part my hair appropriately before cutting it. She just started cutting away! Then even worse, when she cut my bangs, she just grabbed a big chunk from the middle of my head and pretty far back and cut it all!!! When I saw my hair, I thought I was going to cry or laugh or both! I mean, who does that?!?! So when I got back to work I did an immediate stop in the bathroom and tried to fix it the best I could. I pulled back 3/4 of the bangs she cut and got them damp so it would put curl back in them and tried to blend them in the best I could. Not that easy, they kept wanting to poke out. Ahhh! I had to finish out the rest of work with frizzy scary hair. This was definitely not one of my better days. lol. The moral to this story is never get your hair cut when you have somewhere to be right after. And be very careful who you let cut your hair, preferably someone who speaks the same language as you so they can understand you. Also, to my friend who recommended this place to me: Friends don't let friends get their hair cut at ghetto salons by people who don't speak English. But I forgive you. :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh, The Little Things...

It's amazing all the small things in our lives we can take for granted. For example, like not having a fridge sitting in the middle of your kitchen for six months. I had been happily living in my apartment using my little fridge for several months all the while taking for granted how easy it was to walk into my kitchen without needing to maneuver around a second fridge in the middle of my living room doorway... How could I be so silly! Now you might wonder, "does she really eat that much food that she needs TWO refrigerators"? No, Jerk, I'm not that big of a pig! Our landlords were putting in a new fridge and due to complications, couldn't move the old one out. So for the last few months we've had this other fridge just standing there looking out of place like its unsure of what its supposed to do. Kind of like a kid who really wants to be part of the group, but he's not, so he just stands on the outskirts looking a little lost and confused and not really contributing anything... But finally, today the fridge moved to a new home! And now with my kitchen back to normal, and maybe a little empty, I feel I can truly appreciate having just one little fridge. Hooray!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Life is Based on a True Story

Welcome to my, first ever, blog. This blog has no real purpose other than to keep track of all the random, interesting, and probably sometimes not-so-interesting little experiences that make up my life. And if my ridiculousness can make someone else laugh then at least I've accomplished something. After all, someone once said, "It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others."